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About DUPS:

Dallas Underwater Photographic Society:

We are a not-for-profit organization in the Dallas Texas area of North Texas promoting underwater photography and underwater videography. We emphasize education, dive safety, fun, and protection and respect for the marine environment. We do club trips and monthly meetings with educational and entertaining speakers and also a monthly photo contest for members. We encourage anyone interested to attend DUPS meetings, regardless of their photographic skill level. Our members are happy to share knowledge and expertise. Read more about Joining, Dues,and Membership applications.



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    Latest News & Next Meeting Information

    May 15 Meeting At Outback Steakhouse Plano
    We Usually meet on 3rd Sunday of month at Outback Steakhouse -Plano(directions below)

    Meeting Location and Time

    We usually meet on 3rd Sunday of month (major holiday conflicts will be announced here)
    Mealtime begins at 6:00 pm.
    Meeting begins at 7:00 pm.

    Outback Steakhouse Plano
    1509 N. Central Exp. (NW Corner of 15th Street and I-75)
    Plano, TX 75075
    (972) 516-4100

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    Homepage- Outback Steakhouse© 2004 OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE, INC.

    Monthly Photo Contest Topics and Info

    At each meeting we have a photo contest. You must be a member to enter but everyone present can vote. We have 3 divisions: novice, intermediate, and open.

    Monthly Photo Contest Rules

    Send your best two contest images to Penny at pennybs@aol.com
    Remember, if you don’t get a confirmation from Penny that she received your e-mail, it is your responsibility to contact her to ensure that she got it. Please send them as soon as you can so that Penny isn’t scrambling at the last minute to get them organized for the contest.

    PLEASE size images down to a max of no wider than 1920 pixels or taller than 1080 pixels. (JPEG compressed images). HD Televisions project 1920 pixels wide by 1080 tall. You choose the aspect ratio you want as long as it fits in the above mentioned dimensions. Please don't bring full camera resolution 6-12 meg photos since some of the laptops used can't process them very well and it really slows up loading photos for the contest. The goal is to not be picky but to make the contest go smoothly. Thanks for everyones's help! At the end of the year we have our December holiday party in which Oscars are presented to the three divisions Photographers of the Year.


    2016 Monthly Contest Topics

    Jan, - Eyes
    Feb. - crustacean
    March -wide-angle
    April - symbiotic relationships
    May - nudibranch
    June - {party}
    July - yellow
    Aug. - sponges
    Sept. - macro
    Oct. - camouflage
    Nov. - cephalopod
    Dec.- Year End Party

    Previous year (2015) Contest Winners

    Membership Information: Dues and Membership Application


    Dues are $35. for family and $30. for individuals
    Membership Application choices:









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